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Together we can meet your child's needs

Laidlaw Hall offers flexible, specialist educational support for pupils experiencing difficulty at school. If your child has a formal diagnosis of dyslexia, dyspraxia or dyscalculia, or is simply struggling to keep up with their peers, we can help. Our qualified, experienced staff will carry out diagnostic and if necessary, standardised assessments to establish particular areas of difficulty. We will then create a unique programme, tailor-made to meet the precise needs of your child and delivered in the optimum way for them to learn. All teaching and learning objectives will be agreed only after full consultation with the student, his or her school and parents.

Laidlaw Hall is a division of Laidlaw Education, the long-established and highly regarded education consultancy. We have provided after-school support for children with difficulties for over 20 years and are widely known in South West London schools. We are delighted to offer a limited number of places during the school day at our well-resourced and stimulating classroom in Chiswick.

We are extremely proud of our CReSTeD CReSTeD logo registration (TC category) since 2015.