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It can be tricky finding the right kind of support in this part of London. Our schools are over-subscribed and competitive; teachers do not always have the specialist qualifications to teach children who, for whatever reason, are not keeping up. Often the school day is just too busy to fit in that regular one-to-one support which is so valuable to your child's progress. So choices are limited and a move to a specialist school can sometimes be too drastic.

Our years of experience have shown that the very best way to support pupils is with a concerted, united approach. This means everyone connected to the child's education working together. There must be an open and transparent line of communication between the school, parents and our specialist support service. We will assess your child's needs in consultation with you and your child's teachers. Short-term and longer-term objectives will be discussed and agreed by all parties. We will design a programme to meet those goals and report weekly on your child's progress.

Uniquely, we are flexible with teaching time. It may be that what your child needs can be provided through an hour of support each week for a term. Alternatively, a more intensive intervention may be appropriate. We provide morning and/or afternoon sessions appropriate to the needs of the individual child and situation. Your child may need a period of individual support or perhaps working in a small group would be more beneficial.

Read our testimonials from parents who have seen their children thrive from our co-ordinated approach. Children who have lost their confidence in the classroom, quickly experience success and begin to enjoy learning again.